Sticky Note Secret Number

I have an idea to share with you today that you can use for math in:
  • whole group
  • math workshop 
  • guided math or
  • as a fast-finisher activity.
It will help your students think about numbers flexibly and creatively. 

As you can use it with any number, it is very easy to differentiate. 

How to Play Secret Number

The goal if for students to guess the number of the house. It is a secret. 
Before you play, laminate the game mat (available for free at the bottom of this post).

free number game
  • write a number on the door - keep it concealed from the other players
  • cover it with a sticky note (or two if they are thin cheap ones)
free secret number game
  • write 'clues' on the windows
  • clues could be number facts that have the secret number as the answer
number facts
  • other players guess the secret number by solving the clues
  • the owner of the house reveals the secret number by opening the door (lifting the sticky note)
  • change roles and allow another player to be the owner of the house
guess my number

You can download it for FREE from Google Drive:
Secret Number Sticky Note House Printable

I hope your students have fun with Secret Number and am so glad you stopped by our blog today!

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