Gingerbread Directed Drawing

Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me.... ahhhh, I have vivid memories of having this story read to me at preschool. I remember the smell of the tasty treats we baked, the sweet taste of their currant eyes and crispy, slightly burnt edges and the short little play we acted out for our parents on the final day of the year.

It has been a favorite for many of the students I have read it to as well. 

Gingerbread Man Directed Drawing 

Today we did some drawing and painting here in our creative space and I'd love to show you how to draw a cute little gingerbread man too.

1. Start with a nice round head.

2. Curve down and loop around for the left arm.

3. Continue with a short line down.

4. Take your pen over to the other side and draw his other arm. Check to keep it in balance with the first arm.

5. Down again for his tummy. Back over to the left and draw a line to start his leg.

6. Out and loop around for the foot.

7. Draw a line up to complete the leg, swing out with a curved line to start the right leg.

8. Loop around to make his other foot.

9. Add lots of lovely details to complete your gingerbread man drawing!

We do hope you get a chance to do some gingerbread man drawings too.

If you have a copy of The Gingerbread Man story, get it out in readiness for some other fun projects we have ready for you this week. If you'd like some more ideas for integrating a gingerbread theme, check out our website page!

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