Friday, 8 June 2012

Motivating Boys (& Girls) to Write with the Writing Wizard

A random purchase quite a few years back was one of my best 'teaching purchases'. This cute (very well worn now) wizard's cloak was a bargain for around $5. It came with a big pointy hat (still in mint condition - I decided it was too distracting for the classroom).

I hang it up on a display in the room and encourage my little kinders to be 'The Writing Wizard'. I tell them that the writing wizard is someone that has tried very hard with their writing and made their story (or scribble for some) better than the last time we wrote. I walk around the room and give individual advice for each student. Some need to remember to leave spaces between words, hold their pencil correctly, write more than a few words, sit up in a good writing position..... As I am saying these individualised comments, all the students hear, and the whole class takes them on board (just in case it helps them to become the wizard). It really helps to focus the children's attention on the behavious and strategies that make a 'good writer'. 

The Writing Wizard is chosen at the end of the session, and this student gets to wear the cloak for the remainder of our time in class. It is a big hit - particularly with the boys, who often find writing lessons a challenge.

I write a certificate out for the student and also write their name on a poster that both serves as an attractive way of promoting the writing wizard in the classroom (hang it with the cloak) and also a way of remembering which little lovely has already had a turn.... ;)

I have put together a packet of printables so that you too can have a writing wizard in your classroom - I promise you, your students will be itching to get the cloak on ( and do great writing)!


Lisa R. said...

I love this idea of having a Writing Wizard! I bet my kids would love this!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Kelly said...

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Miss Kelly

Kinderkay said...

I love the Writing Wizard idea, Mel! I am going to have to include this in my daily routines this year!