Fonts for Commercial Use

A huge thank you to Teacher Tam who alerted me to a very cool app on the iPad that lets you create fonts! Well to say I am a little adicted interested in an understatement!

My 5 year old has created some very cool fonts too - isn't technology just insane! It took her around ten minutes to watch me, and then she did her own..... these technology natives....

I have made all the fonts in my TeacherspayTeachers store FREE for the moment. I saw Spot Monster on a wonderful new packet called Draw, Cut, Create Basics from Cindy at KinderKay.  The packet looks wonderful, like everything Cindy does, and I have added it to my wishlist!

Do you use the WISHLIST function on TeacherspayTeachers? It is a great way to bookmark all the great products you see, and can come back to them when you are able to purchase them, or use your TpT credits.