Comparing Groups

I have just made some resources for my classroom and thought I would share them with you! this download is not as fancy as many of my other is the Monday night of a holiday weekend here in Australia and I am busily preparing my lessons for the week.

Click on the picture above to download some cards  for a maths lesson on comparing numbers.

Print them, cut them and perhaps laminate them for durability.

Introduce your students to the language of "more", "greater", "fewer" and "less".

Use the enlarged number arrangement cards to use in your whole class lesson. Hold up any two, and ask your students to tell you the number represented by each card. Ask them also, which number shows more? Ask them how they know. Encourage lots of mathematical language - compare, more, less, greater, fewer etc. Repeat this with quite a few of the cards, for example, comparing 6 & 9, 3 & 5

Give all your students one of the smaller versions of the cards. Once all the students have had a chance to look at their card carefully, ask two students to stand up and tell everyone the number they are holding. Ask the rest of the class to decide if they have a card that shows a greater number or a number that is less. Repeat with a few different students.

Have your students now draw a picture of the card that they held and to draw a card that is less than, and a card that is more than this card.