Sunday, 26 June 2011

FREE Dollar Match

I have just introduced the concept of "money" in my Kindergarten classroom. We have done a brief introduction on all of our Australian coins and are now taking an in-depth look at the dollar coin.

I love the unit on "dollar coins" as it links in nicely with addition. My students are beginning to understand adding dollar coins together to make another total.

We started by looking at the dollar coin and talking about its characteristics so that the students could identify them easily. We then practised counting with dollar coins and writing the $ symbol. My students LOVED matching dollar coins with price tags, in the little toy shop I set up on a table in the classroom.

I am going to use the cards I have provided in the download here, to make a matching game by printing it on card, cutting and laminating. My students will need to match dollar names, symbols and quantities. This will be a good way of revising the content we have worked so hard to learn!

I will extend my more capable learners by showing them two price tags, and asking them how many dollar coins I will need to buy both. This will challenge them to use their addition skills.

Please download the matching cards by clicking on the picture above. It is a game for learning the Australian dollar coin. I will look to find a graphic of an American dollar and create a US version for all my lovely US blog friends - stay tuned :)

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