Delicious Donuts

Have you read the book The Donut Chef by Bob Staake

In this story, a baker opens a donut shop on a small street - soon the line for his treats stretches down the block.

It's not long before the competition arrives and a crazy battle of the bakeries ensues. In the frenzy, both bakers' donuts become "quite bizarre - like Cherry-Frosted Lemon Bar, and Peanut-Brickle Buttermilk, and Gooey Cocoa-Mocha Silk!" 

But two-year-old Debbie Sue has a taste for something less fussy - and teaches the bakers a thing or two about keeping it simple.

What a great book for encouraging lots of delicious discussion! Ask the students to tell you lots of great new flavours for a donut of their own design!

Team this book up with our new Donut Duo phonics game and order your new donut flavours in alphabetical order - making a page for each letter A-Z.

Donut Duo requires students to match upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. 

As well as this game, you could use the alphabet cards for lots of other activities in your classroom. 

Write the donut flavour suggestions on index cards as they are given by the students. 

Once you have quite a few, have a small group of students line up the A-Z donuts from my printable resource, on the floor. The group can then sort the flavour-cards under each corresponding letter card to create a giant alphabetical list of new donut flavours!