FREE Smartboard File - Let's Pop Some Words

I have just created my first Smartboard file for TpT. I have to admit I have been a little slow getting familiar with the Smart software - I have much preferred to buy some of the amazing files that are already listed on TpT.

I am giving it away for free for now, so head over to TpT and download it for free (click on the image above).

It is a very small file (3 pages) and is ideal just for a short introductory Sight Words lesson. I have an introductory lesson each Monday morning, where I introduce 6 focus words to my students. We talk about the letters in the word. I tell my students that even though we cannot "sound out" the words, the letters and letter-sounds in our sight words can give us some clues when we are reading. We sound-out some of them - like "was" and laugh about how silly they sound when we sound them out!

I normally do this introductory lesson with flashcards and an actual plastic popcorn cup (from Woolworths) or Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Hat. I have them "pop" out of the cup and up onto the noticeboard. This Smartboard lesson will provide an alternative way to introduce the words.

I am sure as I get a greater handle on the Smart software I will be able to create some games and activities to complement this introductory lesson.  

I created the graphics for this file, and am happy for you to edit and reuse the graphics within this file for your own classroom use (if you want to add some more pages etc).

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