Popcorn Words Take Home Sheet - FREE

For anyone that has downloaded my free Popcorn Words Smartboard file you may like this editable Popcorn Words Take Home Sheet.

Simply download by clicking on the picture above. Just click on each popcorn piece and edit the words to suit the words you are teaching this week. Once you have your focus word on there, print and photocopy for your class.

Match them to the words in your Smartboard file. Do an introductory lesson to teach your focus words explicitly. Give each student a Take Home Sheet. Before they put it in their bag or locker, ask them to sit at their desk with some counters to play a quick class game.

Ask the students to each put three counters on the popcorn pieces of their choice on their Take Home Sheet. Reset the Smartboard file, so all the words are covered. Randomly select a popcorn piece and 'pop' it to reveal a word. If a student has a counter on this word on their Take Home Sheet, they may take the counter off. Keep revealing words (making sure you ask the students to call out the words as you pop them) and the first student to take all 3 counters from their Take Home Sheet wins!

This is a fun and simple way to link your introductory lesson to something that the students have to take home. It will give them an idea of how they can play with their words at home. It also helps them to attend to the print that is in front of them...otherwise they will probably think....oh yep...another piece of paper to take home.....

I have formatted this file in Microsoft Word so that you can edit and change the fonts and words to suit your classroom needs. Sorry, you are not able to sell or redistribute this file. Just a warning - when you open it in Google Docs it looks a little jumbled, but when you download it from Google Docs it seems to sort itself out....let me know if you have any trouble.

Have some popping good fun!