Too Cool Toadstool

Do you need to make multiplication more explicit for students? Understanding 'groups of' takes so much practice!

Fun Multiplication Activities

We have just added our Too-Cool Toadstool game to our TpT store. It will help students to understand "groups of" when learning to multiply.  Once printed and laminated, students can use dry-erase markers to attempt the multiplication problem on each card.

early multiplication activities

It is a good idea to continue to provide your students with concrete materials to practice 'making equal groups' as well as doing pictorial activities like this one. 

As a teacher, you can support your students growing understanding of multiplication by:

- asking them to point out any groups or rows (arrays) in the school or classroom
- encourage their natural mathematical language as they try to describe groups
- asking them to make some groups that are the same size and then describe them to you
(e.g. I made four groups of two)

We hop you love these fun cards for making your multiplication lessons  more interactive and engaging!