Cute Coloring Pages

Find all these cute coloring pages (and so many more) over in my Pond Coloring Club! It's simple to join and you can print pages to color from a range of categories.

Cute Colorful Clown Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a cheerful clown with a big smile and a colorful outfit. It's perfect for when you're learning the letter c - colorful, clown, cheerful and circus - lots of c words to review and discuss!
cute clown coloring page

Puppy Pairs

This activity involves coloring adorable pairs of puppies that have the same shape. Children can find the matching puppies and color them in the same colors. This activity not only enhances their creativity but also helps them develop important visual perception skills.

puppy pairs coloring page

Frog Coloring Pages

I have a few of these! These cute frog coloring pages are perfect for children who love animals and nature. There are some lines to trace and extra detail in the background. The Round Frog page would look fun in rainbow colors too!

jumpy frogs coloring page

round frogs coloring page

Back to Schoolhouse Coloring Page

Get ready for back to school with this adorable coloring page of a cute school house! This fun activity is perfect for kids of all ages and will help them get excited for the new school year. The school house is decorated with colorful windows, a welcoming door, and cheerful school supplies. To complete the coloring page, your children can simply use their favorite colors to bring the school house to life. You can also add your own creative touches, such as children in the windows or some flowers in the grass. 

pink schoolhouse coloring page

Cactus Coloring Page

As you color the cactus on your activity page, encourage your children to take a moment to look up at the clouds in the sky. Each cloud can then be filled with a positive word to inspire you and brighten their day. Here are 7 to get them started:
  • Cloud 1: Hope
  • Cloud 2: Joy
  • Cloud 3: Creativity
  • Cloud 4: Imagination
  • Cloud 5: Adventure
  • Cloud 6: Happiness
  • Cloud 7: Peace
The positive words can fill their heart and mind as they bring their cactus to life with colors. Encourage them to enjoy the process, and remember that they are capable of creating something beautiful!

cactus coloring page

Beach Day Coloring Page

This enchanting coloring page features an assortment of seashells nestled in colorful beach buckets. Let your children's imagination and creativity run wild as they bring these seashells to life with vibrant hues. Don't forget, they can draw extra beach life details in the empty spaces, such as playful sea creatures, a sparkling ocean, or a majestic sandcastle. This whimsical coloring page is a perfect way to relax and transport yourself to a beautiful beach setting.

collecting seashells coloring page

Apples for Allligator

Coloring an alligator carrying apples on its back is a fun and educational activity that helps children learn the letter sound "a." The alligator's open mouth and the apples' round shape provide visual cues for the letter "a." As children color the alligator and the apples, they can practice saying the letter sound "a" out loud. This activity reinforces the connection between the letter "a" and its sound, making it easier for children to learn and remember. There are pages for the other letters of the alphabet too. 

alligator with apples coloring page

I think you and your children would love the Pond Coloring Club! Hop over to the website to learn more about it and let me know if I can help or draw something for you to color!