Bunny Rabbit Counting Game

The hungry bunnies will help your little learners learn to count, recognize numbers and counting - with fun math center activity games

This pack includes 4 game variations to learn and practice counting and numbers 1-10.

Help the bunnies find enough carrots - they are very hungry!

The 4 games included in this printable pack are:

Feed a Bunny
Each child in the group selects a bunny card. Tell them to look at the number and feed the bunny the matching number of carrots. Students then count out the appropriate number of carrots and place them on the bunny card. Encourage children to swap cards and have a few turns using different cards and numbers. 

Feed all the Bunnies
As a group, feed all the bunnies a matching number of carrots. Place the carrot cards next to each bunny card. Now turn the bunny cards over so that the number is hidden. Encourage a student at a time to identify the bunny’s number by looking at how many carrots he has. 

Feed Two Bunnies
Ask each student to feed two bunnies. Match the carrots to each of the bunnies. How many carrots altogether?

Bigger and Smaller
Turn all the bunny cards face down. Ask each child, in turn, to select two bunny cards and turn them over to reveal their number. Ask this student to identify which number is bigger. Now ask each student to pick one bunny card. Ask them to identify the number that comes before and after this number.

Children will have fun as they also learn to count, recognize numbers, represent a number using a set of objects and also compare numbers using sets of objects

I had so much fun drawing these bunnies I wanted to create something else with them. I would love to share a free bunny rabbit coloring page with you today featuring one of the ten little cuties. 

 Download it from Google Drive HERE

Have a wonderful day!