Bee Mine Directed Draw

Sam and I made this bee project this morning over breakfast. True story! We almost cleaned the brush in my coffee a few times instead of the water cup. I drew, he did most of the painting.

Kindergarten has got him all creative, which is lovely to see. This weekend, it has been ALL about painting.

You can make this 'Bee Mine' drawing (or painting) with your sweeties too. Follow the steps we took using these photos, or hop over to TpT where I have uploaded a printable guide for you.

1. Start with a nice big piece of paper. We used thin chart paper and it got a bit wrinkly. 

2. Draw a heart.

3. Draw an oval around the heart for the bee's body.

4. Draw heart shaped wings.

5. Eyes on top - and eyeballs!

6. Add a smile, antennae and a stinger.

7. Add some stripes to the bee's body and extra hearts within the wings.

8. More hearts - or your own pattern for the background! 

And voila, a cute bee for Valentine's Day. Now you can paint, crayon or color and finish off by retracing in black marker. 

Find more directed drawings in our TpT store HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by today - I will catch you very soon with this week's screen wallpaper!