Font Revision

Within my 'Big Bundle of Fonts' you may have noticed a new folder 'revised fonts'. We are taking 2018 to revise as many of our Pond Fonts as we can. I am keeping the same scrappy handwritten style that they were originally created with but giving them a tidy up. 

Some of these fonts I created in 2012 on the iPad with a very clumsy stylus - my, how technology progresses fast!

 I have spent a little time learning some more profession font software to improve them for you.

If you have the bundle, be sure to keep up with the ongoing improvements. My 'Pond Free' font series will also get a tidy up - the first being this one from 2014 - Pond Free Boss.

If you don't have it yet - head over to TpT to find it now.

Have a wonderful week friends.