Christmas Roll and Cover

I love a fun math game SO much! And so do little learners. They often don't realize how hard they are working - they're having too much fun.

I made a cute little snow globe roll and cover game for you today that is super simple to prep and caters for all your learners. 

This is my gift for you in Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas celebration I started over on Instagram!

  • The printable file is blackline. Run it on colored paper to make it more exciting.
  • As an alternative, use white paper and instead of using counters/chips and have the students use crayons to color their game progress! 
  • There is a blank game board - write your own content to devise a game to suit your class needs - letters, fractions, larger numbers - you name it!
  • I've included roll and cover (numbers 1-6), roll and double, roll x3, roll x5 and roll x10. All you need for these options is a standard 6 sided dice and counters to cover.

Find this game in Google Drive HERE

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- Mel x