Paper Craft Bundle

Classroom resource lovers, I have some fantastic news!

A new craft was added to my Paper Craft Collection today. The collection is a growing bundle of Print-Cut-Make and Print-Cut-Make-Write crafts and craftivities! 

These Paper Craft files provide you will lovely simple templates for your K-2 students to cut and paste. 

You could easily make these activities more challenging by copying the templates on white paper and getting your students to paint, color or decorate the pieces in addition to pasting the parts together.

craft for kids

A "Strong Brain" craft was added today which is perfect for teaching growth mindset.

It will provide you with the template pieces to make a cute brain craft and accompanying writing project for a class display. Students can complete one of 2 provided writing projects - "I can make my brain strong" or "I have a growth mindset".

growth mindset activities

It is also available individually and separate to the bundle. 

growth mindset craft activity

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I hope your little ones enjoy the craft as much as we did. Have a wonderful day!

- Mel x