One Page Craft Pack 5

I have created a 5th edition of my popular 'One Page Craft' packs. A one page craft will help engage your students in a create project that is 'all on one page' so it is simple to prep and lots of fun to make. 

Students color or paint their page before cutting and assembling their craft. Each craft will differ slightly in assembly procedures. 

Don't forget that you can add crafty details - like glitter, crepe paper, sequins if you choose, to make this a more complex activity for your students.

Here are a few of my favourites from this new pack:

(addition template included that encourages students to create their own pattern detail)

Snow Owl
Several of the crafts are seasonal - covering winter, Valentines' Day and Groundhog Day.

As requested by my Sam.

 Seriously, who would not want a dragon friend who could flap his wings and fly you away?

This packet of 20 crafts and coordinating writing papers is on sale today if you would like to check it out!

I had a request from an Aussie teacher for an Australian themed 'one page craft' for Christmas so I made this little cutie and would love to share him with you.

Download the Koala Santa from TpT HERE

Have a wonderful day friends and thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x