Sweet {and free} Addition Game - Monday Memory Lane

Hey lovely friends! I love walking down Memory Lane. 

For the next little while I will use Mondays to throw a cast back to an old blog post that... ahem... cough cough... needs to be cleaned-up celebrated.

The first is this post from 2011 which included a fun printable addition game called Sweet Add.

You can download this game over on the past post for free from Google Drive. 

Your students can play this game in pairs, small groups or individually with minimal modifications. Just add dice and simple counters. Students throw 2 dice and find the total.

To make it more difficult for your higher-level students, give them dice that feature numerals not dots. The dots will support lower-level students if they need to touch-count. 

If you are looking for more fun ways to incorporate addition into your math program - head over to my TpT store HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

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