Fun Screen Wallpapers

Friends, I've noticed some teachers on Instagram sharing ways to use my screen wallpapers at home and in the classroom! Each Wednesday recently, I've shared a new file that you can download and save to your device or computer to use as your background wallpaper. If you've missed them - find them all HERE

If you have a post on social media, be sure to tag me #fromthepond so I can see.
Here are some I have seen recently:

Jess has added one to her school computer so it gives the Smartboard some flair!

Miss J Love turning on my mac everyday to see this bright and fun wallpaper.

Miss Worters is reading up on the daily 5 and has the fruit wallpaper on her laptop!

Cath has the cactus wallpaper on her iPad!

Tess has the same cactus wallpaper on her home office Mac. 

I will be making a new one for Wednesday, so if you have a request, be sure to leave me a note!

Thanks so much for stopping by - head over to Insta and check out these amazing teacher feeds!

- Mel x