FAST Ten Frame Activities

I have bundled up 20 fun and fast activities to help your students become familiar with ten frames. 

Ten Frames help students visualize numbers and move from concrete to abstract.

The activities are short and designed to integrate into your transitions and to use as time fillers. I have put each activity onto a card (4 to a page). Print these cards and bundle them together with a ring, to make a handy 'go-to' stash of fast activities to have at your fingertips! 

The activities are all perfect for those 5 minute breaks you have in between lessons or at the end of the session. They can all be done with the whole class or a small group. The more exposure to the ten frames our students receive, the better they will remember them!

I have included a mini-printable-book to use with one of the activities. Students draw the dots they see on a ten frame as it is flashed to them, inside their record book. Students can keep this book in their desk.

I have included 4 sets of ten frame flash cards for you to use as the teacher. 2 styles are included - left to right filled, and top to bottom filled. It is important for your students to know both. Each of these sets is included in 'fancy' and 'plain'. The fancy flashcards have a fun colorful "fuzzy" effect to make them motivating and special to your students!

Included is a bright and fun poster set to display in your classroom to encourage learning of the standard ten frame arrangements.

Great for learning centres, includes cards, worksheet, and cover page for organization.
I have included a blackline set of learning mats. Use these for 'write'n'wipe' cards, play-doh mats, manipulative mats or as a 'write-the-room activity!

 6 worksheets for FAST and FUN review of ten frames will be great to follow up learning and assess understanding!

This packet is also included in my unique "Core Drawers" packet for early-years teachers.

Have fun with ten frames!

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- Mel x

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