Subitizing Game Freebie {Monday Memory}

 Friends, back in 2011 I shared a printable activity for subitizing {perfect for kindergarten} with you!

I took a trip down Memory Lane to find it and freshen it up for you! 

Your little ones can match the dogs and dog houses as they learn to subitize.

Subitizing is the ability to identify dot arrangements in different patterns. Starting with the standard dot pattern arrangements (on dice) and moving to random arrangements.  It is expected that quantities up to ten will be known and named without the routine of counting. Students should be able to instantly recognize them. Subitizing will help children with the counting-on strategy and when learning combinations of numbers (seeing a pattern of two known smaller patterns). Subitizing is a fundamental skill in the development of number sense. It will support the development of conservation, compensation, unitizing, counting-on, composing and decomposing of numbers.

Play lots of fun games to reinforce subitizing - even in 3rd grade!
I added some 'dog' cards as well as the dog houses. 

The best part about this free game is that it is all in backline so you can simply print on color paper and have an engaging activity that is low prep.

Ive added a worksheet and cover page for your organisational pouches and folders too.

Download it from Google Drive HERE

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- Mel x

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