Make Handwriting Easy and Fun

Do you teach handwriting? Learning letter formation and style is a specific component of our literacy curriculum here in Australia and students will have several formal lessons per week or receive instruction integrated with other content areas.

Handwriting serves writing. It is the goal to have students writing fluently with minimal conscious effort. We teach the handwriting movements as well as the letter shapes. 

In my experience:

  • most students thoroughly enjoy their handwriting lessons. Learning to carefully create letters in a specific way gives them a similar level of enjoyment as to when they are doing artistic and creative activities
  • handwriting will contribute to some very special writing experiences and projects for children- the mixture of a personal handwriting style and a particular and personal message to convey
  • handwriting leads to better writing overall. By slowing down the writing process - students are able to form insights and carefully construct and reconstruct their written message
  • handwriting is a skill students can take anywhere and have available at any time - all they need is a pencil or pen

Your students will love beginning to learn about letter formation with these fun write'n'wipe cards!

Simply print and laminate the cards and provide them to your students with a dry erase marker. Letter formation takes lots of practice - particularly stroke order. By making them dry erase - students can write each level several times to develop fluency.  

The sky/grass/dirt and flower (flower/stem/roots) visual will assist your students learn about letter shape, size and proportions. 

These cards will integrate perfectly with my "Let's Learn the Alphabet Super Set"!

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Have a great day friends, and thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel