Five for Friday - 14th August

Five for Friday time my friends! A time when it is perfect to be random! 

1. Sandpit Play.

I take my 3 year old son to a fun little play group each week and his favourite activity is the sandpit. That little patch of sun in the corner. That is my spot. 

2. School

For a change, I thought about school a bit this week. 
Hope you can hear the sarcasm there. It is has actually been on my mind for a large part of my life. 

Perhaps you are similar to me, in that, at times you wonder if you have been 'at school' too long. You know, it has become such an integral part of who you are... and you wonder who you would be without it. 

So many thoughts. About school. It can start to become more complicated than it needs to be, the more you think. 

I have been listening to teachers on Periscope the last few weeks (love). One scope touched on workplace bullying in schools. You know, the elephant in the room. The thing we know happens, but can't talk about. 

One thing for sure that has blessed my life is this 'blogging world' - TpT - Facebook teacher groups, Periscope and the like. Pathetic little snarky bullies no longer worry me. They actually amuse me. I laugh internally as I juxtapose their feeble attempts at catty nastiness to the enormous energy of the  positive, supportive powerful online teacher community. 

I urge you to read my friend Jennifer's post - Finding Your Marigold and to also connect with the online teaching community if you struggle in your own workplace. 

Believe that goodness and truth will always outshine and prosper. Always. 

Keep it simple. Some people are wonderful, supportive, positive, energetic, passionate colleagues. And some are not. 

3. Spring is Coming

I did a 10km walk by the lake for charity with my daughter's school this week. A more perfect day could not have been wished for. Gorgeous. Spring is almost here. 

4. Mary Poppins

We saw a live production of Mary Poppins today. It was  supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus.

5. Preach

LOVE these posters and LOVE the message. Head to Herding Cats in Kindergarten to snag these little beauties for FREE

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