"Draw More" Cards

Hi was very excited to add some more fun "write'n'wipe" activity cards to my TpT store today. 

My students have always loved dry erase marker activities - besides the novelty of using a marker, they appeal to a child's need for immediacy. From a pedagogy point of view, I like them as a bridge between concrete and abstract.

If 'write and wipe' is not your style, you could always use such cards as 'task cards' and simply have your students use them as a visual prompt for writing their answer on a recording sheet. 

If you have been to my store, you will know about my love for them! 

I bundled my four new editions, which all focus on students 'adding more' to a set to make a particular quantity. 

They will draw new pieces of each picture to complete it....

- more spots.... 

- more hair.... 

- more flowers....... 

and more rain. 

Essentially, your students are working on early addition skills through counting and adding more. The focus I would have in mind however, is early counting and number skills.

As each card is completed, you will notice students counting and re-counting several times to check their work and understanding. This continued and repetitive counting all helps to develop a strong beginning in number. 

For more formal addition lessons, I have also listed "Caterpillar Count On Cards" that will assist in using a number line to solve addition. 

Here is a free download for you to help support this learning in your classroom. Students can draw more apples on each tree to complete the total. Find it in Google Drive HERE

Thanks so much for stopping my friends, have a terrific Tuesday!