Rainbow Addition to Ten

Are you ready for some colour? 

And a flash freebie? Well, you are in the right place!

Before I get to the freebie, let me show you how it came about... 

I created this simple rainbow craftivity a few years ago to help a few little learners get a solid understanding of the number combinations that total ten. I found that this craft worked better than any other strategy I have ever used for 'friends of ten'. 

When students have the ability to physically lift the flaps to reveal two numbers, they seem to make a more firm connection with the fact that the two numbers are linked/joined and that as one increases by one, the other decreases. 

To be able to be 'active' with this, and not just look at a poster or have an adult explain it in big long chains of just-too-many-words - well - makes an amazing difference!

I bundled up this craftivity with some other fun activities for consolidating these little number combinations. Trust me, our lovelies need LOADS of repetition with these numbers. The more ways you can find to get them thinking and accessing these numbers, the better! 

This bundle will give you 5 fun games to play with your small groups!

This one is called 'How man more make 10?' and will get your students thinking in 'ten frames' as well! Bonus! 

'Make 10 Rainbow' is a fun one to play with numeral cards or a ten sided die if you have one. 

'Rainbow Race' uses a spinner and students see how many numbers they can cover on the game board.

I made some custom scrappy kids for 'Rainbow Ten'. My dear friend Alison from Teaching Maths With Meaning  asked me a few weeks back why I didn't make images for my own teaching resources more often. And I really didn't have a very good answer for that. I just love that bloggy friends can help get us thinking about things differently and encourage us to be better! Thank you Alison, you are my inspiration for this bundle!

Rainbow Turtle is a fun game where students will match two sides of the turtle to show ten. 

As always, I would highly suggest prepping these games and storing them in lightweight clear plastic document folders. I have included a cover page for each game, so if you put this at the front, you can quickly identify the game and activity focus. 

This bundle is 50% off at the moment, so head over to TpT if you would like to take a closer look!

Today, I have flash freebie in my TpT store that will accompany these activities perfectly. It is another Print and Play game - also focussing on - you guessed it - addition combinations to ten. With a rainbow theme. 

Students will match up clouds and rainbows to make ten!

Well, there you have it! I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to your week. I really appreciate that you have stopped by.