Printable Note Paper for Teachers

Hi friends

I have very slow internet. You may have heard me whinge before. 

Grass grows faster than my internet. Brett looked up some sort of super high tech website that gives you the speed of uploads and downloads and all that bom-diggity. 

Ours is **supposed** to be at 12. And 12 is slow, according to my in-the-know hubby. 

But we are 1.2


That is a decimal point in there, between the one and the two. 

Apparently Australia has slower internet than a country called Kazbecisslowtinternetkahstan.

I'm not usually into numbers, but this - I believe. 

I cried. Muchly. And then drew some scrappy notepaper. 

And all was right with the world again. 

I did these while I was waiting for a my Pinterest page to load. 


And that was about an hour ago. It is now midnight. Actually, 1am. THAT is how slow my internet is. 


I would love you to have my printable notepaper to use from your teacher desk! How many notes do you write? I write a gajillion. 

{Gajillion is the highest number in Kazbecisslowtinternetkahstan - just in case you were wondering.}

Always looking for paper, I am. 

Well it you are like me, then just print THESE out and you will have lovely scrappy little notes - for writing things. The old fashioned way - with a pen. At least I don't have to wait ten minutes for a pen to load. 

Have a wonderful day my friends. And if you are blessed with fast internet, enjoy it even more!