September 1st is Wattle Day

Not only is September 1st the first day of Spring in Australia, but it is also Wattle Day

If you are an Aussie, and you have not heard about Wattle Day, I suggest you find out. It is kind of a big deal. 

Well, I made that bit up. 

It has come to my attention, that despite being a 'day' for the last 100 years or so, it's all new to some folk.

It was a big deal when I was at school. Not 100 years ago - but almost. My teachers were "old school" and we did oodles and bazoogles of Australian history. Just ask me to recite My Country and I will have you weeping. 

I may or may not have also had a hand crafted wattle necklace made of Fimo polymer clay.


I blogged about it and shared a few printables last year. Find that post HERE

This year I have created an easy-to-prep addition game to help encourage you to at least mention it to your students. 

They can play in pairs using a paperclip and pencil to spin and by also rolling a standard six sided die. They need to find the total of the two numbers and write them in a wattle flower to claim a space on the worksheet-gameboard. 

Download it from Google Drive by clicking on the image below:

There are more ideas for Wattle Day on a dedicated website HERE

Have a great end to the weekend friends! I'm off to find my sprig of wattle.