Five for Friday

It is time for my favourite link-up of all time - 5 for Friday! Thanks goodness Kacey provides an avenue for us to celebrate the 'random' in life.

Here are 5 random things from my week.

friday kiss ya

1. Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper rice crackers. Hello my new love. Not to mention a cheddar cheese and earl grey hot tea accompaniment. Heaven at 4pm.

2. Praise the lord for grandmas. We ran out of foam sheets half way through a pinterest-inspired craft session. My mum does not live too far away and a quick phone call and she brought supplies to the rescue. 
Now..... there may or may not have been something urgent I had to cast my attention to - resulting in me handing over the craft reins to the expert. There also may or may not have been a trail of Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper crumbs to my desk...

If you feel crafty - and you have an 8 year old that likes to make cutie-pie homes for her 4000 stuffed toys, check out THIS pin!

3. My old love. Well, one of them. We finally got around to a husband-and-wife-date-night-thingy. First one in quite some time for us. Was very relaxing and just what we needed.

4. Old man koala having HIS afternoon tea. Head back, trying to reach the nicest leaf on the branch. Visiting this character has become a school vacation tradition for us, and he did not disappoint.

5. New resource! I have a free sample page for you, from my new 'Build it Up: 1-30 Caterpillars" file. These will help your students with counting, numeral identification and writing numerals.

Download a sample from Google Drive HERE

And click on the image below to find the full packet - it is on sale for a few days only!

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Have a great one!