A little bit of zoo and a hullabaloo!

I have a simple cut and past number matching activity that is perfect for preschool and kindergarten early number lessons - find it at the bottom of this post. But first...

I wanted to share with you some additions to some of our growing bundles.

Today I added a zoo themed reader and write the room.


I also made a zoo themed 'Let's Write' writing prompt. These are all available individually, however if you have the bundles - you can access them in your existing download link!

I am thrilled to finally scratch 'update plant log' from my to-do list. I have been wanting to do this for about a year and am so pleased with how the freshen-up panned out. 

Your students can participate in an in-class science experiment to watch their own seed grow. I suggest planting them on cotton in a clear plastic cup so they can observe and record the development of the plant. 

Their observational recording book is shaped like a cup - they will draw in exactly what they see each day!

And speaking of plants growing - let's talk ice-cream building.

Because they're related. 
I finished a fun new resource this week that has been brewing for a little while. My first graders LOVE changing one letter in a word to make a new one. We start off with one word and write a big long chain of words on the board as they all suggest ideas. It tends to keep going. And going. And going. Even hours later, they are still suggesting a word that will go next. 

It's the small things. 

'Build It Up: cvc Ice Creams' will help your students record such learning. This packet covers cvc words, and I have started another for more challenging words. 

Students trace each word, snip the scoops and then glue them in place. Too easy. And kinda cute.

Speaking of glue. I know - too true......

It's 'Cut and Glue Hullabaloo'! This new packet has been in the works for a few months. I have added a page or two each day. It is a nice simple resource full of practical cut-and-paste reversion worksheets. I like activities like these for fast finishers and table work.  The procedure for completing them is very straight-forward and students will not get into a pickle working on them independently. 
This first edition covers a range of basic kindergarten skills in a 'matching' format. 

You can try one for free today!

Grab it HERE at Google Drive

Thank you so much for stopping by - have a wonderful day!

- Mel 

Thank you so much for stopping by friends, have a great day!