Thoughts From the Pond

Hi friends!

It is ALMOST Friday - can you feel it? Well done on getting through another week of wonderful days with your students. In case you have not been told yet - you are very much appreciated!

Teachers rock! 

I often make and post little 'thought' images on my blog post and Facebook page. I have had quite a few requests to put these images all on one page, so it can be easily accessed. Some teachers would like to share them as motivational messages to their students, others would like to share them on their own social media pages, with friends and colleagues. 

I have finally had time to put a page together, and have listed some of my favourites. There are still many more to be loaded, and I will keep adding to the page. 

Click on the image below to find the page and if you have any ideas you would like me to make, do not hesitate to contact me or leave a message.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope (in the past, or today) one of my random thoughts has brightened your day!