Five for Friday!

Hi friends - I've been prepping and laminating for most of today, so when it came to getting a post ready for 5 for Friday, it was hard to look past sharing some of these:

1. Gingerbread Letters

From my new 'Winter Bee Busy' packet, some clip cards with a gingerbread theme. Students will practice short alphabet sequences from various starting positions, and find the next letter in the sequence. 

2. Santa's Toys Number Bingo, from my Santa Set. This will help students consolidate numeral identification with numbers up to 30.

3. Winter Birdy - for identifying beginning sounds in cvc words.

This is another one of the 16 games included in my Bee Busy file. It is currently listed at 50% off, but will be back to full price tomorrow!

Click on the image below to find it at TpT:

4. Build a Nutcracker game! I love this one so much. Your students will spin two numbers, find the sum, collect the 'Nutcracker' piece and add it to their game mat, slowly building up a complete Nutcracker to win! 

It is included in the recently listed 'Nutcracker' unit by Deanna Jump and I. This was an absolute pleasure to work on. It is so much fun to work with Deanna and I have always loved her original and fun ideas. To be part of one of her units is a dream come true for me!

You can find it at TpT by clicking on the image below:

5. Nutcracker Tracing - we would love to share this tracing worksheet with you. Simply click on the image below and download it from google drive!

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