My Favourite Things

I am linking up with Erica today to share a few of my favourite (favorite in the USA) things! 

1. It is time to break open the Christmas tea and I could not be happier. I am a huge fan of tea ordinarily, but I love that at this time of year, I have a delicious special alternative to my regular cup. Some very beautiful friends spoilt me this year - I have Twinings Christmas tea and some loose leaf 'friendship' tea to try. After all the shopping and wrapping I have just completed, I think I might just have a cup of each. 

2. Gift Giving. I adore giving gifts and this time of year gives me so many opportunities to do so. I love that you can find some gorgeous little boxes to store gift cards and certificates now. I have to say, I am rather partial to a gift card, as I like shopping in the post Christmas sales. 

Did you know, that you can hop around some blogs at the moment for your chance to share in up to hundreds of dollars worth of TpT gift vouchers?! Check out my post  HERE. I think my rafflecopter may have just finished (time differences always get me) - but there is a big list of links to other blogs that are participating and you may have a few hours left to enter! 

3. Spending time with family. I love this time of year, because not only do I get my hubby home for three weeks, but I get to spend extra time with my children. We keep busy with projects around the house, enjoying our local beaches and parks and doing creative stuff! My daughter and I did some Christmas craft through the week, and we both enjoy the opportunity to relax. 

4. Blog Hopping. This time of year is the perfect time to blog hop. I make myself a cup of tea, sit in a quiet corner of the house and visit and read teacher blogs. I love to find new ones and visit favourites that I have neglected over the last busy month of school. A great place to start is Blog Hoppin'. It has links to lots of other blogs and a huge variety of high quality and interesting content. 


I am crazy about fonts! 

I made this one today and I would love to share it with you!

You can find it HERE to use in your classroom and commercial teaching products!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I wish you luck in the gift card giveaways! Head over to the beautiful Erica's blog to find more 'Favorites' posts!