Tuesday Art Linky

Welcome to another Tuesday Art Link Up! 

I want to share with you an idea for incorporating your students' names into their art making. 

Here is one I did to show you, with the same Sam. These would be great for the first week back at school 

Tell your students to draw a large spiral, using black sharpie on their paper. This could also be done for them, if you think it may be too much of a challenge. Then, starting from the middle, they write their name around the spiral, making sure their letters goes from edge to edge. Capital letters work very well. 

Then, it is just a matter of shading each section of their design. Talk about the use of colours in a repeating pattern. It will create balance and a sense of calm in their artwork. I used a pattern of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple in this one. Other feelings can be created by the use of other colour patterns - perhaps just using two colours. 

Here is the 'real' Sam and the artwork he made while I was doing mine. He LOVES to run to me and show me his drawings. Without fail, he tells me about the 'colours' - pointing to each and telling me. 

If you want to start doing art discussions in your classroom, this is a great first step. Show the students an artwork, give them some looking time, and then just ask one of them up at a time to point to something in the artwork and describe it. Size, shape, colour, features, texture etc. This is a great first step to help children learn to appreciate art. It is very straight forward for us, but your little ones may not have the ability yet, to see things and appreciate them without a structured talk.

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Do you have an art idea to share? Please link up in the comments, your K-6 classroom art ideas!