Worksheet Wednesday # 3

Hi there! I am linking up with TTT for Worksheet Wednesday. Seriously, can next Wednesday be cocktail Wednesday please. Or maybe 'take a nap Wednesday'?

I want to share with you a page from my new cvc Word Family worksheet file!

Each of the 13 worksheets has room for 3 featured words that students will build, blend, read and make!

They cut the corresponding strip of letter/picture pieces and manipulate them in different ways to create a word. Tell them to sound-out as they go and listen as they blend the sounds together. 

When they have created a word, the picture will be visible!

Student keep working until all their words are made.

You can try the 'at' page for free by downloading it from Google Drive HERE

When I released other Word Family resources, I have featured 'at' things for FREE! You can download them along with the worksheet and have a few resources that will work alongside one another. Here is one of them: