Five For Friday

Buckle up friends, cause I have had a week of excitement. 

No, just kidding. It's been another week of random, spare-of-the-minute, can-I-fit-this-into-a-few-spare-seconds, type of normal. 

1. Photos Printed

I am giving myself a bit of a pat-on-the-back. I have got some more photos printed out of my baby. He is 2, but he will forever be called 'my baby'. And when I say "I got them printed", I mean my darling hubby did. Cause in a moment of mother-gone-crazy-perhaps-with-some-ear-splitting-shrill-words, I might have asked him to be in charge of that job this year.

Yay! Now to buy an album..

2. Needing more space.

I sketch a lot. And by sketch, I mean 'avoid housework'. If you don't find me here at the computer or cooking, cleaning, mothering, playing, reading to babies, trying to kiss my baby 1000 times, working,  I am    drinking tea and sketching  out buying more sketch books.

I keep them on a shelf in my closet. Yes, that is right, I said, in my closet. Because I am always sketching and drinking tea, I have no time to shop, and hence own about 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. So my closet is really a mini-study with a few items of clothes scattered around. And maybe there could be a few fine chocolate particles left from my Easter egg stash....

Anyhow, this is happening. The shelf is filling, and I need a better, cuter, more Pinterest-looking solution. Stay tuned.

3. My daughter recently broke her arm. Long complicated story that I won't go into, as I don't want you to feel bad about ME, winning mother-of-the-year. 

We ended up at the shops, while we waited for one of the 15 million appointments we had to make. I was going to buy shoes, but got this. Couldn't help myself. I needed cheering up a reward for my 
M-O-T-Y award. 

4. I printed a lot of pages this week. I finally finished a resource I have been chipping away at for the best part of 18 months. I know, I am such a fast worker ;) Cranking them out. 

I wanted to make sure all the bits and bobs lined up. They do.

I did notice a few other minor typos, but they are now fixed, so if you grabbed my "Let's Learn the Alphabet" bundle when I released it, could you re-download it, pretty please!

As well as the typos, some of the worksheets now have extra pictures, as apparently when I count to 6, I stop at 4. 

6. I wanted to share a FREE scrappy girl with you today. Upon tidying up all those books I have found many sketches I need to tidy up and get ready to be made into clipart. This is one of them. Just click on the image below and download from Google Drive!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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