Handwriting paper - free

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

1. More Cute Cuddly Creatures

We started our week with a visit to another Australian wildlife park. Yep, I think I have had my fill of our beautiful lovely creatures for a little while. Tip for the future - if you want to see some active Aussie creatures, go mid to late afternoon. We saw this cray one jumping from branch to branch!

be extra lovely

koala on a branch

2. I am a Health Nut

I started another I-am-not-on-a-diet-but-am-changing-my-lifestyle. It lasted till about 11am on Monday this week. Then these happened.

I have eaten just 2 of these delicious chic-chip cookies, instead of 8, so that counts for something. And I had to stand up to cook, that is exercise my friends. Got the blood moving. See - lifestyle change.

choc chip cookies in a tub

3. cvc words center

I have spent some more time this week adding some more pages to some of my files. And when I add pages, I can't help but change things around.

This set includes cvc write and wipe cards and worksheets. Students have to fix the mixed-up letters to create a cvc word that makes sense.

writing cvc words

The cards set still features the big funny-shaped eye spiders that were in the original

making cvc words

but I have added some bugs too! If you purchased the original version, you can grab the new one for free from your "My Purchases" tab!


5. Handwriting paper

I have had several requests for some writing paper that matches the resources in my alphabet pack.

Lets learn the alphabet in kindergarten

It will help your students learn to write their letters in consistent size and proportions. Find it in google drive here: Free handwriting paper