Apple Bingo

Today, I want to share with you a printable game for your students - Apple Pickin' Bingo

In its basic form, it will help them with numeral identification for numbers 10-20.

However, it is easily differentiated to cater for LOADS more!

Here, you can see that I like to prepare my number games and store them in clear plastic 'document wallets'. I use some called 'compact wallets' - I like them because they have no button or zip and are designed to be strong, yet compact. I have all my games and resources in filing cabinets or filing boxes, so being compact is a big help! The cover sheet helps you see at a glance, what is in the activity and the main teaching focus. 

Apple Pickin' Bingo is one file within my "Number Bingo Games for the Whole Year" bundle!

The bundle includes 3 different number bingo games for every month of the year (June/July combined)! So, a total of 33 games altogether. Each game comes with 3 standard game alternatives, so you essentially get 99 games! AND with further differentiation, you can triple that again! 

If your school has an issue with students playing 'bingo' - I urge you to simply change the name of the game when you present it to your students. The word 'bingo' is simply used on the cover page. This apple themed game, for example, could be presented to your class as "Apple Fun" or something similar. 

Each game comes with 3 sets of caller cards. The basic game is students identifying and matching numerals. So if an 18 is called, they locate an 18 on their card. 

There is a 'number word' set. Students have to match number words to numerals in this version of the game. This is a chance for you to extend the students that can already identify every number from 10-20.

A 'subitising' set is also provided. Students will work towards being able to recognise the number, in pattern arrangement (on a dice or ten frames) for each number. Again, this is a way you can cater for different needs within your classroom. 

You could also, create a special game version that has a mixture of the three caller-card types. 

The big bundle has 3 games for each month. Each game featuring a different number range. You can use the cards from a different game to challenge your higher-ability students. 

For example, use the cards from the 0-10 pack, with the 10-20 game boards. Ask students to draw 2 cards and add them together. This can be done with the numerals or the subitising cards, or perhaps even one of each (to encourage counting-on). In the example below, you will see that a student might select the 8 and 9 card, and then cover 17 on their game board. 

Click on the image below to find this game in my bundle!

Thank you so much for stopping by!