Earth Day Freebie

Hi friends, how is your week unfolding?

I have to be honest, I have been sluggish for the last few weeks. I REALLY do not want to say 'can you believe it is almost April (I actually just typed March) ' ... but I just have to. Can you believe a quarter of the year is almost up?

I am still writing 2012 when I date things. Seriously. And in 2012, I wrote 2007 - All. Year. I have a 2011 calendar on the inside of my pantry door. 

I tell people that I just had a baby. My baby is now 2. That's OK I suppose, as he will always be my baby. 


Anyhoo - it does seem to me, like I just made this Earth Day freebie, but alas, it was 12 months ago. 

 I shared last year (or maybe it was 2002, who knows?), and I cannot find it! It quite possible could have been a Facebook fan freebie. So HERE is the link to the file in google drive in case you would like it too!

Thanks for stopping by!