Subtraction Fun

Hi friends! I have had a HUGE week or two. My two beautiful babies had birthdays. I've been cake-baking, present-wrapping, house-cleaning and celebrating A. LOT. It was all lots of fun and nice to feel like we were  in a 'birthday week'! 

I have found little pockets of time to work on a few new resources and spring-clean a few favourites. I put a Subtraction Fun pack together to help a special little friend who is having serious trouble understanding the concept of why we 'count back' when we subtract!

interactive subtraction fun

These recently revised Snake Count Back cards were a great start for him, but I needed MORE!

subtraction count back

There is nothing like interacting and manipulating resources to gain a great understanding of a concept, so I created some FUN printable interactives to help students 'act-out' the subtraction process as they are completing their worksheet. These are perfect for students that are just BEGINNING to work on subtraction. There are no problems with numbers greater than ten.

Here we have 5 frogs on a log.

take away subtraction

Students will fold down some frogs to find the answer.

flip flap subtraction

I included an octopus to work with number 8.

And a bendy snake for number 6!

I made a little carrot patch sample for you to try! Just click on any of the images below to grab from google drive! 

The carrots and frogs are the trickiest to cut, and for very-new-learners, you may want to have them cut prior to your lesson. Grab one of those helpful parents at your classroom door and ask them to get them cut out for you, ready for your math lesson!

Find more resources for subtraction in my TpT store HERE

I was so happy to find time to get the March/April edition of 'Pinning Pages' complete and listed in my TpT store. I have received such lovely feedback and emails about students having a wonderful time pinning and it does make my heart happy! 

You can grab a free sample of a plant pinning page, by clicking on the image below! Pinning will help your students will fine motor control and its a very calming quiet activity as well!

If you do not know much about pinning, read a bit more on my blog post HERE!