Sailing Through Spring!

A tip I have for helping you cruise through the last (or first) months of school, is this little gem of a behaviour management strategy - Self Control Bubbles! You can find it FREE at TpT in the store of Lauren, a fellow Aussie seller! Click on the image below to find it!

The idea is that you blow some bubbles in front of your students and let them go crazy, popping them all over the place. And on a second turn, they must practice self control and not reach out to touch or play with the bubbles at all. SUCH a clever idea for getting kids to FEEL self control! I am going to use my mega bubble blower machine to get some serious bubble time!

I have made a fun "Bubbles of Self Control" take home note that you can award students in your class that are demonstrating good self control in the days after this lesson. Just click on the image below to grab it from Google Drive. 

If you need more Take Home Notes, try this product in my store:

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