A Pot of Gold

Hi friends! I wanted to share a couple of new things with you, and some free files that you might be able to use to help celebrate St Patrick's Day in your classroom. 

Firstly, I have added a new Write'n' Wipe file to my first Mega Pack of cards. 

This one, "Pot of Gold" will help your students practice forward number counting sequences between 1 and 100. 

You can find this file, sold separately, by clicking on the image below:

I also added a set of Spring themed write'n'wipe cards to help with learning ccvc and cvcc words. The flower visuals will help your students understand 4 letters, 3 parts (or chunks) of the word! 

Find this file by clicking on the image below:

Or if you have the Mega Pack, you can download the new additions by going to your My Purchases tab! 

Here is a simple but FUN free game you can make for your students. It is easily differentiated to cater for multiple ability groups in your classroom. 

1. Students can count and match yellow pom-poms (coins) to each pot
2. Students can roll 2 dice, find the total, retrieve the matching card and THEN count out the matching "coins"
3. Students can take a card and then put the number of coins on the card that will add with the numeral to make a total of ten or twenty

Download the FREE game templates, by clicking on the image below:

And it includes a bonus worksheet too!

I used some FUN and FABULOUS clipart from 2 Super Teachers to make this file. If you have not seen their blog, hop right over NOW! These 2 sweet ladies came on my radar because of the gorgeous feedback they consistently left me, and encouraging sweet messages and comments they made on my posts and social media. Thank you '2 Super Teachers' for the support and encouragement you have shown me - you rock! AND I adore your clipart! 

2 Super Teachers

Where would we be without a Scrappy Coloring Sheet to celebrate St. Patricks day!? Grab one from google drive by clicking on the image below!

Thanks for stopping by my friends!