A Pot of Gold Write n Wipe

"Pot of Gold" will help your students practice forward number counting sequences between 1 and 100 and is just perfect for St Patrick's Day in the classroom.

You can find this file in my 'Write and Wipe' collection on TpT HERE

I'd love to share a fast-prep and skills-based game you can make for your students with some pot-of-gold number cards! 

Use them to easily differentiate and cater for multiple ability groups in your classroom. 

Gold Coins in the Pot - Number Games

  1. Students can count and match yellow pom-poms (coins) to each pot
  2. Students can roll 2 dice, find the total, retrieve the matching card and then count out the matching coins
  3. Students take a card, put the number of coins on the card that will add with the numeral to make a total of ten or twenty - e.g. add 6 coins to the 4 pot to total 10

Download the FREE game cards from Google Drive: Pot of Gold Game Cards - it includes a bonus worksheet too!

Please also know that I have some St Patrick's Day coloring pages over in the Pond Coloring Club library for you!