Write and Wipe Center

I love Write and Wipe Cards in my classroom! They make PERFECT center and small-group-rotation activities and they are always a HIT with my students! 

They are also fabulous for FAST FINISHERS and really are a 'task card' equivalent for the Kinder and First Grade classroom!

I have just made some poster cards to help you create a center in your classroom. I like to have permanent corner of my room set up with Write'n'Wipe cards at the ready! Store them in a pocket chart, shoe organiser or in little plastic tubs. Include a tub of markers and cleaners and you are all set. 

A good idea is to also include some clipboards, pencils and paper or worksheets. Ask students to RECORD some of the learning that took place on their cards BEFORE they WIPE it all away! 

Write and Wipe cards can cover just about ANY skill or content area in your program! You can also prepare additional cards easily, by just laminating page from a textbook or worksheets. I did this in my first year of teaching, when my budget was minuscule! 

You can use these posters to introduce and reinforce the procedures you would like your students to follow when they are in the Write'n'Wipe Center. I have also included BLANK versions of each poster, so you can create your own rules!

Write'n'Wipe is a great activity to teach your students INDEPENDENCE, so some basic rules will be a great addition to your classroom structure and management. It will help foster that independence that you are aiming for!

You can find the posters in my TpT store by clicking on the image below:

And these new 'Tracing Line' cards. 

Thank you so much for stopping by friends!