Tuesday Art Linky

Link up on a Tuesday with a Kids or Classroom ART idea! I am posting early this week to give you time to prepare.

 I teach art on a Wednesday and I am constantly looking for fabulous ideas on the internet to inspire and motivate my students. 

Your link up post needs only to be at least a picture of a finished artwork project for any primary school aged classroom. Your post can be as detailed or as short as you like! You can post your original ideas or perhaps share an idea you have found. 

I have a very broad appreciation of art - so you can choose a 'craft', 'directed drawing', 'structured art', 'creative expression lesson' - whatever you consider art to be - as long as its appropriate for children and classrooms.

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So, let's get started! 

Today, I am doing a detailed post for you on an artwork I have just prepared, but fear not, if you link up, your post does not need to be this long. 

This art project for kids is called Violets in a Vase (I know, creative)! It involves incorporating a range of skills and 2 mediums - paint and crayon. You could modify to make it more complex for your particular group of students. 

I started with a template of the violets and vase. I used the templates that are in my new 'Let's Learn V" phonics packet. You can grab the templates for free at the end of this post. Older students could freehand draw these easy shapes. Ask your students to shade these pieces. I used orange for the pot. as it contrasts very well with purple. This would be an ideal time to discuss colours and the colour wheel with your students if you have time. 

I chose portrait orientation for the background, and used a paint dabber to create a sky and ground with the dabs. Paint dabbers give excellent coverage, are quick and clean AND best yet, dry super quick. Talk to your students about famous artists whose artworks are a series of paint dabs rather than lines. Talk about how these dabs create a feeling in the artwork, and how it would be different if lines or solid colour were used. Even kindergarten children enjoy these discussions about art.

Ask students to cut out their pieces and talk to them about placement on the page. Give them some time to experiment with placement. Your little ones will need lots of practice with placement and spacial awareness on the page, so this is a good time to let them be creative. 

Once they have decided on the position of the flowers, they can draw the stems with a thick rich green crayon.

Then, their pieces can be glued down. 

Grab the violet template pieces from my paper craft document HERE 

This paper craft is part of my new 'v' resource pack which will give you a whole week of activities and resources for your phonics lessons. 

You can also find it in a mini mega pack, bundled up with 8 other letters of the alphabet. It is currently hugely discounted at 50% off. Click on the image below to check it out at TpT!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I WOULD LOVE you to link up!

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