St Patrick's Day In the Classroom

I have been putting together some 'Print Packs' that are a 'sampler' of sorts, in that they contain resources from some of my core teaching resources, but have a themed-spin on them! I have just finished one for St Patrick's Day. 

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th March. It is a day of celebrating Irish culture and heritage in general, and will give you a good opportunity for you to talk about other cultures with your students. In Australia around this time, we have Harmony Day, a day of acceptance and celebration of other cultures - why not combine them!?

Included in this pack, is a template to make a Leprechaun. There is an emphasis on 2D regular shapes in this craft - integrate it with a mathematics lesson!

There is a simple writing activity, provided in 4 style sot cater for a variety of learners in your classroom.

An 'emergent reader' that has a cut-and-paste component....

and a few 'puzzle paste' activities. In these, students cut and paste pieces to create a picture while matching and ordering numbers. 

When completing 'puzzle pastes' - teach your students to just place glue on the top edge of each piece. Then, your students will be able to lift the piece and see the matching number underneath. 

There is so much in this packet, I have not got everything featured here, but I think you will get the idea. There are 'print and play' games....

And a number match worksheet...

I have also made a 'pattern block' shamrock for you to use. It is NOT in the file, but is loaded on Google Drive, and you can grab it by clicking on the image below. I suggest you ask students to use REAL pattern blocks to try to make a shamrock in this shape, before they do the cut-and-paste component. 

Thank you for stopping by friends!