Peas and Carrots - An Addition Game

Are you crazy for carrots at the moment? I am ALL about the carrot for some reason, and what goes better with carrots than peas?!
Today, I teamed them up in this activity to bring a healthy influence to your Easter and maths activities this week!
You can click on the image above and download the printable-pieces for this cute little addition activity FREE.
This activity will help your students see addition as two parts making a whole number. It is possible to play this game without printing a thing! Just use green and orange counters/chips and any existing numeral cards that you have in your classroom.
This is how my recent carrot obsession started around a month ago. LOVE!
And yesterday, I saw these plates on sale for $3 on sale.
My Aussie friends - grab some in the baby section at Woolworth's this week! I have been looking for some ever since I saw this wonderful pin by Tara West on Pinterest
These ones were too nice to pass up, they have cute little frogs on them!
If you don't have any - don't worry - I have included a 'printable plate' template in the file.
Print the peas, carrots and numeral cards in the file. I want this game  for numbers up to 20 - but you can modify it for different needs in your classroom - go up  to 30, or down to 10. I laminated mine.
Put the peas and carrots into a container. Any will do, but I HAD to use my carrot basket!
Ask your student to take a small handful from the basket. If you don't think your students could do this without a fuss, get them to roll a dice or spin a spinner to determine the number to take.
The student then sorts the peas and carrots onto their plate.
Finds the total, and labels it with a numeral card.
The student can then record the number sum on their worksheet!
Easy - PEAsy! He he!
If you need a cute and simple paper craft for Easter, I just listed this in our store today!
And a new addition to our Printable Writing Books set
We have listed all our titles so far, in a BIG BUNDLE, as so many people asked us to bundle them. I will continue to add all the new titles to this bundle.
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So much to look, see and do! What did we ever do before teaching blogs!
I hope you are having a wonderful week my friends!

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