Egg Smash Game!

This post is both delicious and fun!
I have made a print-and-play game that you can use with your students in the days leading up to Easter to work on addition.
I would save this for a special day - here in Australia most schools in my town have an "Easter Hat Parade" or "Easter Bonnet Parade" as they were called when I was at school. This day often incorporates other fun festivities with families visiting the school and sometimes a visit from the Easter bunny! It is not a game I would play regularly in the classroom. It may or may not be suitable for  your school and/or students, you will be the best judge of that!
For this game you will need to print two pages from the FREE download here:

You will notice I have made it very plain. This is both good for easy printing, and it can also become a colouring-in activity for your students if you have time!
You also need to gather
1. A counter/chip for each player
2. Two standard six sided dice (or other dice to suit your students)
3. A delicious (and hollow) Easter egg!
4. A toy hammer - for some egg smashing!
Students put their counter on any PLAIN space on the game board. It does not matter where they start. The game has no beginning and no end. Students keep moving clockwise around the game board until all the egg has been eaten!
Students roll two dice and add the numbers. If you are playing with very young students, just use one die and work on number recognition.
The total of the two dice represents the number of spaces that the student must move his/her chip around the board.
If a student lands on a 'smash' square - he/she can take the hammer and smash the egg. They get one hit - you will need to go through some rules of safe smashing before you begin. But don't worry, your students are going to play by the rules to stay in the game!
Clearly at the beginning of the game, the pieces created by the smash are going to be quite large, but as time goes on, and more smashes are made, the pieces in the egg are going to get smaller. You may want to rest your egg in a container.
The foil wrapper will contain some of the pieces early on in the game....
When a student lands on an Easter Bunny square, he/she can take ANY ONE piece of the egg that has been smashed to eat! The only rule is that it is only one piece and has to be the first piece that they touch.
YUM! Students continue to play until all the egg has been eaten.
When you print out the pages, you will notice that I have included a bleed - this means that the pages will overlap. My printer leaves a margin around the edge - so I needed to trim ONE of the pages to the edge left by the printer (you will easily see this where the edge of the lines stop).
Draw a line...
Trim this ONE edge off so that it can be easily lined up with the lines on the 2nd page. Paste it down.
And you will have a jumbo sized game board!
Have fun adding and smashing!
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