Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Carrot Crunch

I found these super cute mini carrot containers today, and HAD to do something with them!
Pop two dice inside - instant dice shaker!
Instead of rolling two dice, students can shake these and see what numbers are on display.
You can download 'Carrot Crunch' for free at TeacherspayTeachers HERE
Your students will add two dice numbers and cover the answer on their game board. The mini carrot container is optional!
You can play it in three levels to challenge different abilities in your classroom
1. Add two dotted dice (students that need to see dots/objects to add)
2. Add one numeral dice with a dotted dice, add the dots to the numeral, encourage counting from the numeral (students that are ready to learn 'counting-on')
3. Add two numeral dice (Students that are using advanced strategies for adding)
Keep the pieces together in a tub ready for your math groups.
Here is the packet of carrot containers I found at the dollar shop.
I would love if you could hop over to Life In Special Education to read about a special little boy called Cole and how you might be able to help him.


Mrs Poultney said...

Oh my goodness, those carrot containers are super cute! I think I might have to have a look around for some, love the carrot cruncher game too.

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Stefanie Galvin said...

Such a cute game, Mel! I hope I can find the little carrot containers, too!

Miss Galvin Learns

Mel FromthePond said...

Girls, let me know if you can't and I am ghappy to send you some :)

Aimee V. said...

Love the carrot!! Guess where I'm going tomorrow!

Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

Cindy Calenti said...

Carrot Crunch is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Don't you just LOVE the dollar store?

Granny Goes to School

Jennifer said...

This is such a cute idea! I hope our dollar stores around here have the carrot containers!!!

Cuddle Bugs Teaching

Mrs. Wathen said...

You are such a smartie:) I bought those containers a few years ago and will have to pull out that box!

The Resourceful Apple

Jessica Travis said...

What a great idea! Your blog has such great ideas and activities! I am your newest follower!

Jessica @ Wild About Firsties

JD's Rockin' Readers said...

This is so cute! Love the game- will definitely be checking out the dollar tree this weekend! Thanks!
JD's Rockin' Readers

~DeAnne~ said...

How cute!! Thanks so much!

First Grade and Fabulous

preto no branco said...

How cute!! I'm a english teacher in Brazil and a can use this to teach in my classrom.

dglennon said...

I just bought little bunnies, frogs and carrots.