Carrot Crunch

I found these super cute mini carrot containers today, and HAD to do something with them!

Pop two dice inside - instant dice shaker!

Instead of rolling two dice, students can shake these and see what numbers are on display.

You can download 'Carrot Crunch' for free at TeacherspayTeachers HERE

Your students will add two dice numbers and cover the answer on their game board. The mini carrot container is optional!

You can play it in three levels to challenge different abilities in your classroom
  1. Add two dotted dice (students that need to see dots/objects to add)
  2. Add one numeral dice with a dotted dice, add the dots to the numeral, encourage counting from the numeral (students that are ready to learn 'counting-on')
  3. Add two numeral dice (Students that are using advanced strategies for adding)

Keep the pieces together in a tub ready for your math groups.

Here is the packet of carrot containers I found at the dollar shop.