Order Apples Up On Top!

Make addition and counting fun for students with "Apples on Top" Play Dough Mats!

Laminate these easy-prep mats to provide a motivating learning experience for your students with an 'apples' theme.

As well as using play dough, you could also use dry erase markers or tokens/chips to play with these game boards!

Students roll play dough balls to make additional apples to machete total written on each card. They can put them 'up on top'!

This activity is encouraging many dough skills that will help your students five motor strength.

This packet includes 47 mats and range from totals between 2 and 10.

We have lots of fun activity mats to use with play dough, equipment and dry erase markers - check them out in our TpT store HERE

Speaking of 'apples on top' - you may also like this fun worksheet for your little mathematicians. They can cut and paste the apples in order from largest to smallest.

Find it in Google Drive: Apple Ordering Worksheet 

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