What to give Santa!?

I read an adorable Christmas story with my daughter last night, that featured a little boy Sam that wanted to give a present to Santa.
The book is called A Present for Father Christmas and it is written by Dana Kubick. We loved discussing all the lovely things that we could give Santa. And as told in the story, my daughter is now convinced that Santa gets very little on Christmas day for himself.
The story ends with Santa reassuring Sam, that it is quite OK that he did not actually get to buy Santa a gift, and that he was just so happy that he was in Sam's thoughts. There was quite a few great themes for discussion that would work very well in the classroom in this story - themes of giving, thoughtfulness, thinking of others, and the sorts of gifts that matter the most.
For fun, why not brainstorm with your class what they would like to give Santa, should they get the opportunity! Have them fill out this worksheet with drawings or writing!
Download it from google drive (docs) HERE