FREE Green Paper Circle Christmas Tree Craft

Are you one of my Australian teacher followers, and just trying to hold it all together for the last 2 weeks of the school year? Packing up the room? Kids 'busy' with excitement for Santa, and end-of-year craziness! Presentation day looming? Party day?

I bet your classroom supplies have all but gone?

Do you have some green paper circles somewhere in the bottom of your tote trays? You need little else to create this little cutie with your kids!

My daughter and I stood in front of the craft cupboard today, and decided on something simple - sometimes there are just too many choices (in my defence, I have been a craft crazy since I was about 5, and this collection has grown since then!)

Start with a green paper circle...

A blue piece of paper for the background

And a scrap of brown paper...

Crayons, glue and scissors
(have I told you how much I LOVE MICADOR crayons - no they don't pay me to say that, I just seriously LOVE their stuff - these Beeswax Triangular Crayons are a crafty kid's heaven stick! They are neat and non-messy to use, but give the rich bright result of an oil pastel. Seriously, if you have these, your little ones will draw ALL day! It's heaven! Notice in my example above how the crayon goes nice and thick and bright over coloured paper!

Anyhow, back to the craft. Fold and cut circle in half.

Then a quarter...

And an eighth...

Stick them down, with a scrap brown bit for the trunk

White crayon some snow - as you know, its 35 degrees celsius here today, but its Christmas and even little Australians dream of a white Christmas!

Add some colour and a shiny star on top!
Voila! Pretty tree!

Make it interesting by using different papers and mediums - here is one we did with a paper doily and paint.

Craft foam and mini-ribbon decals.

If you don't have paper circles left, but you have a photocopier - then I have made a template for you! See, I know what it can be like this time of year in an Australian kindergarten! Nothing left!

Find it HERE at Tpt!

And its FREE!

If you like craft with paper circles, you can find this nifty file there too!

And, if you really have no resources left in your store room and need something exciting to help pass the last 2 weeks (with some number learning as the focus) - photocopy these 'Print and Play' games to keep your little kindies smiling all the way to Presentation Day! Paper, pencils and basic game equipment needed only!